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Important instructions when packing your diabetic test strips

Look over your boxes before packing them up.  Ensure they're all still sealed, undamaged and not expired.  Boxes that arrive damaged are subject to a minimum 10% to 50% reduction in pricing at our discretion.  Damage is constituted as any dent, ding, tear, crease or writing on any part of the box.  Boxes with broken seals will not be accepted.  If you're unsure it's best to contact us Here.


DO NOT remove any labels, stickers, or tape from the boxes.  Removing them may damage the box LOWERING your payout.  DO NOT write or draw on the labels as this may also damage the box decreasing your payout.  We will remove and destroy once your boxes arrive.

Quickly get your package sent back out to us.  Pricing fluctuates and can go up or down.  Your pricing and payout is only locked in once your package is delivered to us.

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